I have ridden in many different saddles over my riding career and the Sport Saddle by Bob Marshall is the most comfortable saddle I have ridden in. I can get off after riding all day covering 50 or 60 or more miles and feel good. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to to ride many different horses over the years and I have found the Bob Marshall with its treeless construction and my skito or equipedic pad to fit them very well. My current saddle has over 30,000 miles with me in it, it has been rained on many times, snowed on many times, water soaked several times when the water was far deeper than anticipated. But with a good dose of saddle oil and it was as good as new. I live in Minnesota and ride 12 months of the year outside doing the conditioning/ training and getting ready for the competition season of endurance in the warmer months. I have never had a problem with sore backs from my BM that numerous people complain about. As the old say is” You get what you pay for” with the Bob Marshall Sport Saddle you get a whole lot more.

Barry Saylor"You get what you pay for"

I own 2 Bob Marshall treeless saddles, Love them! One extremely customized rigging option to accommodate my mule. Wish I could share a photo! I have spent thousands and thousands on custom saddles that did not fit properly. With the BM I haven’t had any issues. Both my girls love the Bob Marshall Sports Saddles too.

November 2017 - Customer Feedback From our Customer Satisfaction Survey