• Front tree section
  • Rear or cantle section
  • Main body or pad section that rests of the horse’s back and is under the front and rear sections and connects the sections together.

The rider sits between, not on, the two tree sections directly on the saddle pad section. There is no rigid saddle tree under the rider. There are no bulky riggings, buckles, or rings to rub your legs or the horse. The stirrups and rigging straps are made of heavyweight treated nylon. These straps are embedded in the center of the pad section of the saddle, so the straps are padded from both rider and horse. The pad section is made of closed cell neoprene foam material that does not absorb moisture. The same type of material is used in scuba-diving suits.

Many people when they first start riding cannot afford a good quality saddle. They end up with a cheap, poorly made, ill-fitting saddle that is uncomfortable to both horse and rider and doesn’t put the rider in the correct position on the horse and does not keep the rider in balance and rhythm with the horse. The end result is the horse gets sore and acts up. The rider gets sore and galled, is not comfortable and secure on the horse and perhaps even is thrown off when the horse moves suddenly. Often times the person then gives up riding altogether, when if only they had a comfortable, well-balanced saddle they felt secure in, they would have kept riding and enjoying horses for the rest of their life. The SPORTS SADDLE ® saddle was originally designed to be a saddle for people just starting out with horses and for people that rode only occasionally. It was hoped that with the comfort and security they experienced with the SPORTS SADDLE ® saddle would let them enjoy riding more.

The unique design of the SPORTS SADDLE ® saddle has many people using it to train their young horses for events such as western pleasure, reining, barrel racing, dressage, endurance events, etc.

Let us know what your needs are. We can custom build a saddle just for you. It is possible for us to position the rigging and stirrups to fit your particular needs.


Saddles purchased new are covered under a 1 year warranty on workmanship and materials. There is a 5 year guarantee on tree parts such as the pommel or cantle.

Please call us to discuss your saddle repair needs, estimated costs and expected turn-around time. When shipping your saddle to us, please remember insure saddle.

All saddle repairs are performed by qualified saddlers. Call us at (270)988-2684 regarding any repairs.


***Sport Saddles are hand-made. There is no assembly line when making these saddles.

Please keep in mind that leather is tanned from natural cowhides and although we use only select premium hides, there will be some natural blemishes in the leather. Also as the materials we use in our saddles are soft and flexible when we sew the saddles together it may leave sewing machine “footer” marks on the leather which is unavoidable. Also, there may be some slight variation in the length of the stitching due to the nature of the materials. We cannot guarantee custom “Dyed” or some custom colors of suede leather to be “colorcast”. It is possible you may be able to see the identification number on the chap from where it is stamped on the inside depending on the leather used for that particular piece. This is very common. All leather is different, therefore saddles cannot be compared to another for a specific color. Each saddle will look slightly different from another.

Please take these items into account when ordering a custom saddle.