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Instock Number: 10356

Type: Barrel Racer- Rough-out

Size: 14.5″

Features: Purple Rope Design Buckstitch

Listed Price:$1980


Instock Number: 10724

Type: Barrel Racer – Roughtout

Size: 13″

Features: Natural Roughout squared-back with Brown Buckstitch, Square Skirt & Chocolate Suede Seat.

Listed Price: $1830

Instock Number: 10698

Type: Barrel Racer – Fast Forward Roughout

Size: 14″

Features: Squared Back, Dyed Chocolate With Double Copper Spots (spots up seams of Pommel). Includes 2 Sets of Latigoes. J Watt Hardware with Black Accent

Listed Price: $2205


Instock Number: 10461

Type: Barrel Racer – Basic/ Fast Forward

Size: 14″

Features: Black Suede Seat & White Buckstitch

Listed Price: $1540

Instock Number: 10672

Type: Barrel Racer- Amber Manley

Size: 14.5″

Features: Chocolate Suede Seat, 2 sets of Latigoes, Rear Cinch & Breast Collar INCLUDED, & Allison Ray Riggings

Listed Price: $2670

Instock Number: 10552

Type: Barrel Racer – Rough-Out Youth Cut

Size: 13″

Features: Pink Whipstitch & Sugar Skull Conchos

Listed Price: $1910

Please Note: The photo is of the incomplete product.

Instock Number: 10570

Type: Barrel Racer – Border Tooled

Size: 14-14.5″

Features: Black Suede, Square Point, Light Antique Brown, Barbwire, Double Jockey

Listed Price: $1835

Please Note: The photo is of the incomplete product.

Instock Number: 10572

Type: Barrel Racer – Border Tooled

Size: 15-15.5″

Features: Black Suede, Antique Black, Square Back, Floral Border, J Watt Hardware, Tooled Rear Cinch, Tooled Breast Collar.

Listed Price: $2255


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Instock Number: 10433

Type: Trail Rider – Hand Tooled

Size: 16″

Features: Fully Tooled Basketweave, White Whipstitch & Daisy Conchos

Listed Price: $1950

Instock Number: 10573

Type: Trail Rider – Basic

Size: 16.5″

Features: Basic Trail Rider, Black Suede Seat, Dyed Antique Black, Basketweave Border, Round Skirt, 2 sets of Latigoes and R/C Included.

Listed Price: $1575

Instock Number: 10569

Type: Trail Rider – Roughout- Double Jockey

Size: 16″

Features: Square Point Panels, Barbwire Tooling & 3 Sets of Latigos

Listed Price: $1880

Instock Number: 10593

Type: Trail Rider- Wrangler -Double Jockey


Features: Tan Buckstitch, 2 Sets of Latigos & 12″ Tooled Fenders

Listed Price: $2100

Baby Bobs


Instock Number: 10623

Type: Baby Bob – Trail Rider

Size: 12.5″

Features: Basketweave Border on Pommel, Fully Tooled Cantle & Copper Horseshoes Conchos

Listed Price: $1635

Instock Number: 10700

Type: Baby Bob – Roughout

Size: 11.5″

Features: Leopard Seat, Square Skirt, Sand Thread & 2 sets of Latigoes

Listed Price: $2010


Instock Number: 9953

Type: Endurance – Youthcut

Size: 13″

Listed Price: $1145

Discounted Price: $945