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Testimonimals from Customers just like you!

My name is Lola Hobby I live in Clinton, KY. I am 74 years old and have owned and ridden horses most of all my life. During the summer months I live at Wranglers Camp Ground near the Kentucky Lake so you could say just about everyday day I am on a horse. I’ve tried various saddles and for several years, I have ridden on a bare back pad. Then I began to hear about the Bob Marshall Sports Saddle. A friend showed me pictures of various saddles they had. I couldn’t get over how unique they were. Each one is totally different. If you can dream it they can make it. So much for having a saddle like everyone else. A big plus is the comfort. My horse is 16 hands and its hard for me to throw a heavy saddle up. This one is light, looks great and is totally comfortable. After an all day ride you come in feeling like you’ve been riding on a pillow. I can’t say enough good things about these saddles, but don’t take my word for it try one for yourself then you’ll know. 

Also I must say a few words about the owner and the staff at Sports Saddles. I’ve never met a nicer group of people. They take the time to listen to you, they are eager to please and help in anyway to ensure you are happy with you’re purchase.

Lola Hobby

I got back into horses around 1990 (age 32) and found a fun group of gals to trail ride with. I spend about a year struggling with saddle fit and never found anything that worked for my horse and I. About 1991 I met some breeders of Tennessee Walkers and Missouri Foxtrotters who had a strange treeless saddle called a Bob Marshall Sports Saddle. They claimed the horses gaited better in this saddle, and it would fit both the horse and the rider. My friend and I ordered Sport Saddles and started two decades of trail riding, horse camping and endurance riding. Our daughters also rode in Sport Saddles, which were secure and comfortable. As more treeless were coming on the market, 2004 I started a treeless saddle group on Yaloo to collect and share information on all the new treeless. I probably demo-ed every treeless made after that, but kept coming back to the Bob Marshall saddles for their stability on the horse and their distribution of weight. I also, in this time, probably talking about 50 people into going with Bob Marshall saddles. I am still doing a lot of trail miles, as well as Ride and Tie, (which requires mounting from the grounf), with my daughter, trail work carrying tools and horse camping. There hasn’t been anything out there that works better. Because of options of pommels, rigging and stirrup position, I can have saddles made that meet my needs. I have ordered custom saddles from both Gerri Rini (long time Bob Marshall distributor) and Sport Saddle Inc (Brooke McWorthy Grimes) and the saddles always arrive exactly as I have specified, and compared to some other quality treeless brands, are very reasonably priced. Currently we are riding in Barrel, Plantation and endurance models. We also only ride in Skito dryback saddles pads, and through Tom Clark, have developed a hi-peak version of his pad.

Karen Sullivan

We’ve ridden in Bob Marshall Sports Saddle since 1992 on many different horses. When I got back into endurance riding, I tried most treeless brands on the market as well as many of the popular treed endurance saddles. Nothing worked as well for myself or my horse as the Bob Marshall Sports Saddle with a Skito pad. In 2017, we completed 810 competitive miles with 100% completion rate and were ranked 11th Nationally for mileage. All of those miles were either 100 mile-in-one-day or multi-day rides. We also completed the Tevis Cup in my Bob Marshall. I weigh 180 lbs. and my main endurance horse is narrow with a challenging back. Bob Marshall is one treeless brand I see heavier riders finding success with. In my opinion, this is because the rigging is hung off the pommel and cantle, so the rider and rigging pressure are distributed across the saddle. We’ve custom saddles from the company and they have always been to specification and on schedule. I want to thank Bob Marshall for their attention to quality. It can sometimes be challenging to find a saddle that is comfortable for both horse and rider AND holds up to the rigors of endurance. I look forward to many more miles in my Bob Marshall!

Brenna Sullivan

Jim Pinson

Jim Pinson won 3 buckles at the Cowboy Mounted Shooter with our saddle pictured below.

“Incidentally, this saddle is ideal for shooting. You sit in it not on it. A high cantle prevents you getting on top of it and the low pommel with the short horn don’t interfere with your guns. The light weight of this saddle makes it easy to throw onto a tall horse even for an old codger like me! Biggest problem I have with this saddle is my wife likes it for pleasure riding so now I have to get her one.”

SPORTS SADDLE™ is a registered trademark of Sports Saddle, Inc., for saddles made and sold under the brand of SPORTS SADDLE. Sports Saddle, Inc. is the exclusive licensee of U.S. Patent 5,018,340 and 5,187,924 owned by Bob Marshall Enterprises, Inc. and invented by our founder Mr. Bob Marshall.

Do not be fooled by cheap imports and poor quality imitations! Get the best, a genuine “SPORTS SADDLE” brand saddle by Bob Marshall.